Day 1/30

So I was nominated to do a thirty day painting challenge by Anne Aitken Anderson and Pamm Ciupa. They are just completing their challenge and I guess they thought I needed punishing for some reason. You can see there wonderful work here.

I’m not a fan of challenges as my fear level goes up and when I have a big fail, I just wipe it and try again another day. Nobody has to see it. But here? I have to post it regardless. I may have to adopt a different strategy for this. I’m going to try and get out and paint En Plein Air for at least a few of them. I’ll see. It is supposed to get up to 12C on Thursday and continue that way for a few days into the weekend. If Marc Hanson can paint four a day for a month, I think I can muster up one a day.

Oil Painting by Grant Waddell

Redheads on Fields Edge 8.5×11 Oil on Canvas

So this is the first one and I can’t completely say it was done in one day. I was intending to start this challenge last Thursday and was able to get a brief start on it before I had to stop and wasn’t able to get to it till yesterday afternoon. I had the block in done and that was about it. Anyway, here it is. I had some issues with the foreground as it was a matted tall grass. Nothing was working and my brushwork looked awkward and was difficult to keep tamed. So, I pulled out the palette knife and after wiping down the previous attempts laid down a loose application of oil paint over the darker softer background. I instantly liked the effect and could move on to working the bushes and trees to get them to speak to each other nicely and not fight like they had been before. Overall, I think it worked out pretty good.

Now I have to get onto number 2. 🙂