Day 13/30… or, And Now For Something Completely Different!


I started this painting of a gravel road southwest of town, and I was going to do it in my usual way. Try and stay loose and free and let it flow out. Well… I did let it flow and stayed loose but I also let my head go for a walk and just painted. Colours where I normally wouldn’t use them, shapes that were more emotional than representational. More feel and less think resulted in something that looks pretty tight which is not what I expected. I peeled the tape off after giving it a couple of hours and smiled – not necessarily because I thought it was great, but because it was different.

Grant Waddell Oil on Canvas

Crisp October Road
Oil on Canvas

Playing around with 3D…

Modelled a bit of PVC pipe for a different project and was just fooling around with lighting etc. Always amazed at how similar these programs are to actual studio photography. For most, if not every tool I use in the studio, there are digital versions in the software. It makes lighting something pretty intuitive. very steep learning curve though!


Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.10.07 PM Pipe From Above