Playing around with 3D…

Modelled a bit of PVC pipe for a different project and was just fooling around with lighting etc. Always amazed at how similar these programs are to actual studio photography. For most, if not every tool I use in the studio, there are digital versions in the software. It makes lighting something pretty intuitive. very steep learning curve though!


Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.10.07 PM Pipe From Above

Photograph of Road Runner on TV Commercial Set…

An old Roadrunner on a TV shot in the foothills

It was 28C outside. We were shooting stills alongside the crew that was shooting the TV commercial. Set was decked and ready to go, green screen behind the vintage Road Runner. Fake snow, extra tufts of grass placed carefully to fillĀ out the foreground. The crew, in shorts worked at keeping everything moving. Behind where I’m standing are about twenty other people, trucks, tents and some very expensive equipment and an Art Director flying a small radio controlled airplane. I really liked the way the green screen framed the car and how the “snow” added to the illusion. Back in the studio I added my own background to the screen that I had shot the previous winter.

This is one of the images I was hired to shoot and image.