Day 9/30

Here’s another image from the Waterton Area. It was on a day that I saw a huge herd of Elk in a Valley behind where this shot was taken. I’m not posting over the weekend as I’m busy in a workshop at the Banff Centre but I’ll get back to it on Monday. I’ll probably retake the photo in the morning as it looks a bit wonky under my work light. I think I may trim off the most of the blue at the bottom when I mount the sheet. A bit much I think.

Grant Waddell Oil on Canvas

Southern Clouds
Oil on Canvas


Day 4/30

Not much to say about this one. It started off horribly. I was tight right out of the gate. Clouds tend to do that to me. Especially when you have a very detailed photo to refer to. I have a difficult time on occasion trying to simplify the basic structures. I did learn though, that starting out with more detail than you need can be a pretty good starting point. You can brush back as much as you want. In reality, I prefer to work the other direction. Start loose and stay loose – add detail as you need them.

John Singer Sargent painted very loose to start and said “The details will take care of themselves”.

This one almost got away from me.

Prairie Study 8.5×11 Oil on Canvas


I shot a few time-lapse sequences over the summer and put them together in a short movie. These were shot in Southern Alberta and B.C. and include views from the Leighton Centre, Mt. Galwey in Waterton National Park, Edwards Lake, Canmore under a moonlit night, and the Rockies from 22X. If it wants to play for only one second, switch the video to HD in the upper right corner.

Leighton Art Centre…

Last weekend the Leighton Art Centre had there annual Clothes Line Sale and it couldn’t have been better, The weather was perfect, and there was a steady stream of hungry art buyers enjoying the over 1500 works of art on display. I personally sold 7 pieces over the two days.

On another bit of Leighton business, the opening of Made for this Place: The Art and Artifacts of the Leighton Legacy  is this thursday evening and I have three very large pieces – 60×40 type of thing – included in the show. Very excited to be a part of this. A couple of new images that I included for the clothes line sale are below.

Farmer Field13 LR Marsh5 LR