Playing around with 3D…

Modelled a bit of PVC pipe for a different project and was just fooling around with lighting etc. Always amazed at how similar these programs are to actual studio photography. For most, if not every tool I use in the studio, there are digital versions in the software. It makes lighting something pretty intuitive. very steep learning curve though!


Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.10.07 PM Pipe From Above

The Train Part 2…

Here is the final image. I placed the train into the composite and added texture to each component as the model was simply to clean. It needed to look like it had seen some miles. I desaturated the cars as they were very red and looked very plastic which is what you would expect from a scale display model. Steam was built in PS using custom brushes and a Wacom Tablet. The light at the front of the locomotive adds to the realism and nicely plays off the dark rock face above the trestle. I decided that the perspective that the model was shot at didn’t quite match the build to that point and a better fix was, other than chopping a bunch of the mountain away, was to simply create a tunnel. As you can see, the cliff has had extensive relighting and colouring from the original source material. This helped achieve the overall mood I was looking for.

A lot of work which paid off  buy winning a place in Applied Arts Photography Annual.

Train Hero for web