Day 2/30

Here’s my painting for Day 2. It took me about an hour and forty minutes to complete. I decided that I would do a time-lapse of the process and if I can, I’ll do the same with each of these paintings. I used a nifty little piece of software for the iPhone called Lapse-It and whats nice about using the iPhone over the Contour action cam is that you can frame the shot! Yes, you can actually see what your shooting. Sometime over the month I’ll take a pic of my set-up.

Let me know what you think.

Looking South on 69th 8.5x11 Oil on Canvas

Looking South on 69th
8.5×11 Oil on Canvas



I shot a few time-lapse sequences over the summer and put them together in a short movie. These were shot in Southern Alberta and B.C. and include views from the Leighton Centre, Mt. Galwey in Waterton National Park, Edwards Lake, Canmore under a moonlit night, and the Rockies from 22X. If it wants to play for only one second, switch the video to HD in the upper right corner.