Sugar Maker is a term used to define someone who makes Maple Syrup. I had thought about a name for the blog based on trees, which have great significance in my life and the tapping of whats inside to create something wonderful. A slow process. Many steps to get to the final product. As I evolve, maybe the name for the blog will as well. This is a simple way for me to explore my innermost thoughts and beliefs about creativity and everything that may have an influence on it. Spirituality, relationships, my daily experiences and more. Anything that I feel I need to write about, paint, sketch, shoot, or play. Unencumbered.

3 comments on “Why

  1. Aakash says:

    I’m contacting you to request you to use your art for our magazine known as ‘txtbuk’.
    Me and my friends believe in inspiring the young students and make them believe they can change the world. We believe that they would be amazed and further inspire others and take our cause as their own.
    We are doing this by creating ‘txtbuk’, a magazine exclusively for college students that would serve our purpose. It will be in a unique scrapbook form having personal articles from a range of diverse topics which also include one on the arts and photography section.
    On the behalf of my team, I request you to help us with our cause by giving us a chance to use your hard work you through which we can take your message forward to the readers and help them getting inspired.


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