We awoke to a gloomy morning. No rain but the threat hung, looming. Boiling water and steam, the smell of coffee and tea, eggs from a carton. Maple too. No bacon sadly. Stepping outside into the brisk morning air and seeing the hardy adventurers looking forward to the rewards that await the day.

The sun pushed hard through the thick cloud and lit a sliver of the mountain to the north. A welcoming of sorts. An invitation.

We pretty much all decided to go to where the sun laid God’s finger… Odaray. One of the most amazing hikes but not without its price. A steep wildlife corridor with limited group access only. We were in Grizzly habitat.

Sadly, we didn’t see any wildlife at all but the views were mind blowing.

No painting today but a glimpse from high up on this amazing hike where we would be painting tomorrow; McArthur.

Enjoy the pics.

2 comments on “Odaray

  1. Great photos Grant. Sometimes you just have forego painting and just hike when you’re there. That Odaray hike is a beauty – you can see EVERTHING from up there – all the lakes. Mind blowing is right!
    PS I’ve been up there on a clear day – WOW!

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    • Thanks Alice! It was a haul getting up there. Totally worth it though. I was trying to keep up to Dana! The next day when we were at McArthur I was trying to see where we were when I took the picture of the lake from up there.


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