Bowness Plein Air…

My good friend Barbara Amos and I headed down to Bowness Park there for a bit of painting therapy. We wandered around for about a half an hour looking for spots around the lagoon but were surprised to see that the paths around the lagoon was still closed from the great flood of 2013. The next logical spot was the river and as we navigated our way around the families barbecuing  and playing bocci, we settled on a spot near a small spit of land that jutted out into the water affording swimmers some protection. Barbara found a spot about 50’ upstream from me and I ended up here. We had about an hour of light and I had to work quickly to get the rough shapes in before the sun set. As I worked a few people came over to stand behind me and watch me place the last few strokes before I had to call it quits. I’m pretty pleased with this one. I have a love hate relationship with rocks as I’ve found them difficult to capture. But I discovered that by simply letting go and “painting” and not over thinking the subject, it just went down kinda naturally. A successful sketch!


2 comments on “Bowness Plein Air…

  1. Barbara Amos says:

    ..and we must do it again!


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