Goodbye Day…

Well, I’ve officially dropped the “day” tag from the titles of these paintings. It would seem the rigours of daily life have firmly entrenched themselves directly in my path to the success of the 30 day challenge. I have tried daily to gather the spirits and yes, with best intentions, diligently gather imagery and prepare the canvas, put out the paint, don my gloves – only to be thwarted by that constant companion – responsibilities.

Clients with deadlines of all things, and a family that wants to do things other than watch me stare at the blank canvas with a furrowed brow mumbling something about the centre of interest. So yes, I guess I could still put the “day” tag on the titles because technically they are completed on a given day. I don’t remember hearing they had to be consecutive. But I guess it wouldn’t have really been a challenge then.

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3 comments on “Goodbye Day…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Grant! 15 paintings is way better than no paintings …so it’s still definitely a win win kind of challenge!


  2. bullroarin says:

    I feel your pain…and your reasoning seems, sound! After all, the challenge of any given day is just to get up…everything from there is downhill, eh?
    Personally, I wouldn’t complain if you did a “day painting” every other week…or so! 🙂

    Take care my friend. ~ Dave


  3. Ya, I’m not giving up on painting these next 15 in a timely manner. I think the operative words are ” as fast as I can” 🙂 I noticed that when I just couldn’t get them done, unless I stayed up till 2am, I felt a crazy amount of artistic anxiety. I was addicted to getting to the easel and yes, I had stayed up late painting but alas… the pace was not sustainable. Now if I did this for a living??

    Thanks for the support you two!


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