From Day Two…

What an amazing experience this has been. After so many years of working in Photoshop professionally, I was able to relinquish control to serendipity, smell the chemistry that made it possible, and feel that magic I felt so long ago. It was 27 years since I stepped into a darkroom and I thank my wife Stephanie for nudging me to go and Diane Bos for being such an inspiration.




4 comments on “From Day Two…

  1. annepamm says:

    This is interesting work Grant. A few years ago I attended a Frilutsliv conference in Norway, honouring 100 or more years of Ibsen. Friluftsliv is the norweigan word for “free air life”. It was a great hiking conference (100km) in the plains of Norway near Trondheim. Hiking from mountain station to station while different scholars presented a wide range of research. No falling asleep!!!

    So to make a very long story short there was a presenter from the Yukon Bob Jickling who brought his pinhole camera and we captured different photos along the plains. His topic was that using the camera meant that one was “in nature” and sensing the sounds, light, smells etc because of the peaceful process of the pinhole camera.


  2. bullroarin says:

    Oh no….he’s gone to the dark side! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) 🙂

    Seriously, I like this a lot and admire your courage to step back to the basics. Its good to remember our roots.

    take care ~ Dave


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