Plein Air In Policeman’s Flats…

Policman's Flats
Painting with my instructor and friend Doug Swinton down in Policeman’s Flats the other day. We spent a great deal of time driving around just trying to find a location to paint – even getting run off our first choice by a bunch of truck drivers hauling manure mixed with hay which had a particularly bad odour, so I’m kinda glad we moved. We ended up at the end of a road that had potential and quickly set up as the light was waning and it was getting bloody cold, 1 degree C.Painting in Policmena Meadows

This is a quick sketch (45min) of the trees and shrubs bordering a yard just to the right of camera. It was an interesting exercise as I painted very loose and with  abandon. Brush strokes were put down quickly and much more gesturally than Im used to and it seemed to be pulling together oddly. I think having to race the light and the chill in the air played a big part in the fluid nature in which I got this down on the canvas. A great afternoon and a fun piece to create. The pint of beer afterward tasted might fine as well.DSC_1443