Fond Memories…


The Farm

Oil on Canvas

16in x 8in

While driving along the lonely roads just south of Calgary, I came across this lovely little farm on the edge of the Tsuu T’ina Reserve on the South edge of the city. The scene drew me in with the curving dirt road leading up to what I imagined to be a lovely old farmstead with so many memories. I pictured it forty years earlier and imagined what it would have been like to play in the barn, climb a tree, sip lemonade on the porch and ride a bike down the dirt road. I pictured this small boy running up that road to what was maybe his home, or maybe his grandparents home, the sun shining and a slight prairie breeze blowing in from the mountains to the west.

As I sat in my car, I thought that I could be that boy, but as a man, visiting an old seldom seen friend. Going back in time and reliving a beautiful time in this life. One that was free of all the worries of adulthood.

And it made me think how art can bring back these memories. Rekindle deep feelings of joy or pain. Love and sorrow for us to sit with and wonder.

I often think that the reason I am drawn to certain subjects, is not because it might make a nice composition, or anything I was taught in art school, but because it speaks to a part of myself as the artist, that is that old friend to the scene I see before me.


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