Digital Painting…

Here is a digital painting that I just finished. These works are more sketches than final pieces in the themselves  so I could work out composition and colours etc. An interesting exercise in that, I know the way I personally make a living is through digital manipulation of photographic elements to create a final image for advertising. I never really gave any thought to using this practice for my painting until I was reading an article in the latest Plein Air Magazine about Chad W Greene who uses both digital and traditional materials to create works of art. So I thought, why the hell not? I could at least use it for a study. Here are a couple of digital paintings that I am going to paint in oils most likely starting today. Proctor Barn LR The Road copy

4 comments on “Digital Painting…

  1. nixonphoto says:

    Remarkable. I wouldn’t have known what medium was used for these.


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