So, here is one of the last two paintings I’ve done. Took awhile as I started the entire process differently than I’ve done before. I started much looser, and attempted to rough in all the shapes and colours at once as opposed to the way I normally do it which is to rough the basic shapes and values in, using a single wash of colour. Once I got this all laid in, I started applying my first colour pass. At the get-go, my values were way off and the colors weren’t far behind. I took a break, and cleared my head and had another go at it one evening. Four hours later this is what I came up with. I loosened up considerably, push the value of the mountain way back, and brought grass into the foreground. I cooled the trees down in the background as they were too warm before. At the rivers bend on the right side of the picture I decided to put rocks instead of the grass that was there before, and then added a series of highlights to help the center of interest. A huge improvement on what it was before.

I don’t like the way the river runs off the right side. And I may need to bring a tree or something up to block the eye from falling off the picture. I considered cropping the painting and getting it restretched as a square. I don’t think the bottom adds very much.

A few lessons learned.

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