Brain Storm…

So, for the life of me I can’t come up with a name for this piece and it’s going into a show in June. Problem is, I have been told by the powers that be that they need names and prices for the images right away. This is going to be one of three photographs that are in the show. It’s final size is going to be 60” x 31”.

What would you name this piece?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Choo Choo just wasn’t cutting it.

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Grant Waddell – Artist

Grant Waddell

The Long Winter…

The Long WinterYes, it’s been a bloody long winter. This was shot just outside of Waterton Nation Park in Southern Alberta. One of the most beautiful places on the earth. The clouds on this day were striking and were begging to be shot. I spotted this small stand of trees alone on the hill and, with the dramatic sky behind, I couldn’t resist. I love trees and plan to do a series on them.




Grant Waddell


Hey there, here’s another painting that I did in Thursday’s workshop. It was a fairly quick study that took about 45 minutes. I was exploring warm and cool values of different green mixtures, and trying to lay them down naturally, using the grey /green mixture for the trees in the background and the warmer tones for the trees in the foreground. I wanted to try pushing things a little bit more than normal and I quite like how this turned out. The Green in the foreground I thought was a little bit bright, but after letting it sit for a while I quite liked it.

I’m starting to do smaller faster studies where I get my color pinned down as well as my values before adding detail. Primarily, I want to try working on getting the correct color temperature between foreground and background elements. We’ll see how the next few work out.



So, here is one of the last two paintings I’ve done. Took awhile as I started the entire process differently than I’ve done before. I started much looser, and attempted to rough in all the shapes and colours at once as opposed to the way I normally do it which is to rough the basic shapes and values in, using a single wash of colour. Once I got this all laid in, I started applying my first colour pass. At the get-go, my values were way off and the colors weren’t far behind. I took a break, and cleared my head and had another go at it one evening. Four hours later this is what I came up with. I loosened up considerably, push the value of the mountain way back, and brought grass into the foreground. I cooled the trees down in the background as they were too warm before. At the rivers bend on the right side of the picture I decided to put rocks instead of the grass that was there before, and then added a series of highlights to help the center of interest. A huge improvement on what it was before.

I don’t like the way the river runs off the right side. And I may need to bring a tree or something up to block the eye from falling off the picture. I considered cropping the painting and getting it restretched as a square. I don’t think the bottom adds very much.

A few lessons learned.

Slow Art Day 2014…


So, Saturday is Slow Art Day around the world and best of all, the Glenbow Museum is hosting it right here in our amazing city of Calgary. It is pretty much the same as the Slow Food movement where you slow down, and I mean way down and look at particular pieces of art for five minutes. Now that may not seem like very long but considering that a two minute red light seems like an eternity, that five minutes would seem an eternity times double infinity! It seems that we don’t look at art for very long as I’ve learned. The Met says the average viewer looks at a piece of art for only 17sec on average. The Louvre apparently 15sec.

It’s an interesting way to really “see” the details and nuances of art as apposed to simply passing it by with a glance. How many paintings and pictures do we have on our walls that we bought because we simply liked it and hung to cover up that bare wall above the couch?

So, this weekend, take a moment and go to your local gallery or simply pick a piece in your home and “really look at it”. You might just surprise yourself with what you find.

If you happen to take up the challenge, let me know how it went. What art did you look at? Post it on your blog and share it.


The morning, breathless and scented,

lifts up upon my weighted soul and turns gently

with a kiss too soft.

And holding tender, seeks a word

or simple gesture that says things

that will always be left unsaid.

An embrace of a moment where the answers

to what,

remain covered by dried leaves and bits

of things scurrying, into the dark shadows

just beyond my reach.