Winters Desire…

Winters cold wind spreads across a field of summer fallow,

as snow falls gently,

softly tapping on shoulders that have bourn so much,

and whisper cold memories of warmer times.

Landing on tongues, as we giggled,

and caught the low January sun through a dappled forest light,

shimmering as it fell on its way

to the dance floor,

the flash of light and the beat of my heart to the rhythms of this one,

true desire.

And in the grey of my voice calling out to this wind,

and the frigid illusions of these now, tepid dreams,

I am unable to move.

And staring out to what, I’m not sure,

hidden by layers of lies, I can only imagine what awaits.

And with this knowing doubt, I am frozen in my own fear.

Feet always moving towards a simple end,

but a mind stationary, and unable to reconcile the truths of where I am…

And more simply,

Grant Waddell

3 comments on “Winters Desire…

  1. I love the intensity of this one Grant, very thought provoking 🙂


  2. What I love about WordPress is the human maze it offers. Where a ‘follow or like’ from a stranger can lead to the discovery of another a true gem, which is how I find myself here, typing away in your comment box… I love your intention with this blog and it reminds me of a belief I hold true, ‘that we are all spiritual beings having human experience’.


  3. Thanks Sarah. I too love the maze. I find music this way and actually most of my spiritual discoveries in life. Down that trail or over that ridge, standing knee deep in surf, or simply sitting on a covered deck at night with a light shower falling.

    I still don’t believe that I’ve fully realized the intention of what I’ve started. Fear maybe, not sure. But I’m trying. Thanks again for the comment. Feel free to type away in my comment box anytime 🙂 Take care ~ Grant


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