We had the worst flooding in history in my home town of Calgary. It is utter devastation. Basements and main floors flooded. The town of High River is virtually wiped out. The downtown core was declared an evacuation zone.

I went down to the flood zone to help out and was amazed to see the destroyed contents of all these homes sitting in large piles on their mud and silt covered front lawns.

Amongst the debris, and the wet, was the word “Believe” in the mud in the driveway of one of the houses. I pictured it sitting on the mantle a few days earlier with the forecast of heavy rain coming.

So as I looked up from it and saw all the volunteers and the generosity of complete strangers working hard for home owners that have lost everything. I couldn’t have imagined a more appropriate message to find. A message that says no matter what happens. That no matter what Mother Nature can throw at us, we can believe that things will be even better than they were before. New friendships made, and a city made even stronger.

3 comments on “Believe…

  1. Robyn Lee says:

    Grant – I hope you and the family are safe. These disasters are so very life-changing. We had Hurricane Sandy this year which was scary… I was evacuated. Your observation of the ‘Believe’ message is perfect for focussing on the good that will evolve in the aftermath of the floods. You are wonderful for helping out too ~ much Love to you and all the other residents of Calgary. ~ RL


    • Thanks Robin – We are indeed safe and sound. Nowhere near the effected areas.I hope you and your family were ok after Sandy. Any damage to the house? After seeing what these people are going through, I’m glad to be one of very many helping. We had a young girl today walk through with fresh home made cake. While I was in the basement of one house pulling wet drywall and insulation, two complete strangers to the home owner came in and simply started to haul bins of debris up stairs and onto the driveway. They were there for four hours! It was heart warming. Back at it tomorrow. Much love back to you Robin. -GW


      • Robyn Lee says:

        Good luck Grant. It is so great that there are so many coming together to help our there. I’m glad you are safe. We were lucky with Sandy – many lost homes – our damage was all external thankfully. You be well -and take good care! ~ RL 🙂


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