Bus Wrap…

So Calgary has two new CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses which apparently, are all the rage around the world but pretty new here in Western Canada. I was commissioned to create an image of a tree wrapping itself around the busses on both sides. The project involved 3D for visualization and creation of the leaves, because after all, it’s still considered winter here in Cow Town and there isn’t a single leaf to be seen. It also involved practical photography of trees and various bits and parts for texturing and building the main trunk and branches. The tree grew from a sapling on the back of the bus and grew over three  more stages to the last stage you see now. A sky plate was added to the top of the bus to help create the illusion. It was unveiled on April 22…Earth Day.

Tree Project Blog

Click for larger image

Tree Illusion Blog

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3 comments on “Bus Wrap…

  1. Robyn Lee says:

    Oh wow Grant – this is awesome!!! I sense the 3D effect from the photo too — you are a talented man indeed! ~ True art — I hope they appreciated 🙂 ~ Love and Blessings – Robyn


  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Aww – well all very sincere… this is the coolest looking bus I’ve ever seen! I magnified it after I’d commented, amazing ~ 🙂 Thank you! ~ RL


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