Solid grounds not so solid. A false sense of safety gives rise to beliefs and expectations not supported.

You run and, with reckless abandon, play loose with your life because it will never happen to you. Until…

It’s completely unexpected. You never really see it coming. Never fully realize whats at work, flowing swiftly and powerfully and smooth. Eroding silently, the ground you stand on. Unseen…

Ripped from light, darkness pulls fast from below and all you’ve built drops into the blackest part of who you are. Falling…

This unwanted transformation is, just maybe……………… exactly what you need.

Because, as you lay in the dark amidst what remains, you become aware of the light that shines down into where you are, and looking up, eyes fixed, you see a bit of clear blue clarity above, that beckons you out…

to a new beginning.

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