Back into the World of Painting… Part 2

So I took the plunge last night and pulled out my paints and brushes and underpainting and started to lay in the first color pass. Like I said I haven’t painted in 28 years and I was a bit surprised at how natural it felt. I was really nervous to start. Yo Yo Ma played over the stereo (thought a little classical music would help) as I laid out the paint on the pallet. The trees were first, then the sky, then the mountains. and finally the foreground elements. It’s not even close to being done as you can tell but I like the general feel of it.I just wanted to get some color down to see how it would come together. Lighter clouds in the notch of the mountain, define the trees more and richly develop the foreground. I think I’ll bring the mountain down a bit so it’s peak cuts behind the tree rather than ride over it.  The apprehension I was feeling has dropped away and I am excited to start the second round of this… my first painting in a very long time.

One comment on “Back into the World of Painting… Part 2

  1. Where you going to put Godzilla? I think he should be coming over the mountains. In a red jumpsuit wearing a #brainface toque.


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